Monday, September 17, 2007

um. uh. *ahem.*

okay, okay. i guess i see the appeal. a coworker related her strong desire to see this film, and her comment barely registered, probably because it was friday, i had a headache from satan, and all i wanted to do was get home. i think my completely blank expression perplexed her.

coworker: "i REALLY want to see 'the brave one.'"

my response: "the what?"

coworker: "um, HELLO. it's JODIE FOSTER WITH A GUN?!!!"

my response: "uh huh."

coworker: "..."

so now that my head is clearer... all right! i get it! *ahem* *cough* i approve.

(and check out the second page of this review, which is less a review of the film than an unadulterated page of drool splashed all over the screen over ms. foster. hahahaha.)

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