Monday, September 17, 2007

the "moo" files.

nebraska state senator sues god.


Me. Here. Right now. said...

I lived there for several years on and off - he's nuts! Check out his Wiki profile - look at the picture

He actually goes out dressed like that in best crack addict-like tradition

He has personally set back some very valuable and worthwhile social justice and diversity causes because he opens his trap

Kind of the Gloria Allred of Omaha.

FM said...

ah, my parents live in northwest omaha, where diversity is nonexistent. actually, i think they're the diversity. cue the theme to "weeds."

FM said...


he's the guy that segregated the omaha public school system by dividing it into a white district, a black district and a hispanic district.

that's the opposite of promoting diversity! my sister used to be bused. had this fool opened his trap while my sister was still in high school she would have been forced to attend a dumbass white bread school.

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Deep in the city, where I lived, they shipped all the kids in my neighborhood (diverse) to a 99% black school for one year, then sent them back for the rest of elementary school. It's the craziest way to create diversity ever. It served no one.

The burbs - NW/SW is definitely not diverse.

Chambers is just plain whackadoo - what I don't get is that the voters in his district don't seem to see the damage he does in failing to serve their best interests (I should say his own self interest)

FM said...

maybe chambers is too much of an institution that he's become a permanent fixture in the senate. sort of like how strom thurmond was allowed to keep his seat: because he was strom thurmond.

although chambers and ol' strom would probably be at odds with each other, both were/are equally riddikulus.