Monday, September 10, 2007


we all believed that mtv could not sink any lower, but the channel just busted out a shovel and started digging. the "star" of this video i posted a couple of weeks ago, whose claim to fame is amassing a million myspace friends and being a walking wardrobe malfunction, will be the "bachelorette" in a reality dating show that will have 16 straight men and 16 lesbians vying for her love hoochie coochie.

i've already seen ads for the show. the ads consist of ms. tequila making out with a woman while a poor male sap cries "TILA!!!!!" in anguish. and two equally desperate women start pulling each other's hair in an all-out brawl. classy!

in her words:

My new reality show on MTV will be like NO OTHER SHOW ON TELEVISION HISTORY! My show is about finding true love, because for me....having over 2 million friends is cool but sometimes it makes it hard for me to find someone real, and someone whom I can trust and love.....but there is a catch.....the show will be about me finding love as a BISEXUAL!!!!! THAT IS CRAZY RIGHT? So on my new reality show there will be 16 male contestants and 16 female contestants all fighting for my love....the only twist is....yes, there is another twist....the only twist is that these guys and these girls have NO IDEA that I am bisexual and that they are competing against each others sexes!!! GUYS AGAINST GIRLS....WHO WILL I END UP HOOKING UP WITH????? WILL I BE STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END?????
yes, i'm sure she's doing this show to "find true love."

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