Monday, September 10, 2007

britney spears at the VMAs.

she may have been a zombie-like mess who couldn't be bothered to remember the words to her new single, which is sad, considering that the words "gimme gimme gimme gimme" comprise about 70% of the song, but she is NOT FAT. for once, a healthy-looking figure dared show its existence on prime-time television. the outfit might have been cheesy and her hair extensions trashy, but if britney spears is FAT, then close to 100% of all women in the united states is morbidly obese.

i would also like to point out that beyonce and alicia keyes were strutting around looking even more expansive in the booty than ms. spears... and they all looked fine!

what is this country's obsession with weight anyway? if you believe the media, anything below a size 4 is too skinny, and everything above a size 4 is too fat! well fuck that shit!


Sam said...

I'm afraid that you might as well yell at the ocean to stop its tide. Those losers are convinced that tiny women are attractive; we end up with Angelina Jolie and her twiggy arms all over our televisions. It's gross. Now is the time at which I'd write something about bigger being better, but bigger is a marginal term, and there's no way it would come out right anyway...

emily2 said...

they also pile on that olsen twin (can't remember which one) and amy winehouse for being too skinny.

there appears to be a five pound range of what is acceptable.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

You pegged it, emily!

I have been coming across stories about Britney all day and they all have mentioned how "fat" she looked.

Being a mother of three and still fighting to lose "baby weight" after almost 6 years, I think Britney looked damned good for a woman who just had two kids within the last three years!

Talk about her shitaceous performance, but lay off the fat jokes, already!

I am getting so sick of hearing how fat this person is and how skinny so and so is that my head is getting ready to explode...then they cry that our daughters have a distorted view of their

I'm a thick soul sister and proud of it. Thankfully, even at (almost) 37 with a big booty, I still get hit on by the young men I come across on a weekly basis. But, it's still danged annoying to hear people say a woman who is only 120 lbs is a fat pig!

emily1 said...

shitaceous is my new favorite word.

i'm pissed about the amount of body scrutiny in this society. i'm also disgusted at the unmitigated cruelty in attacking her right after her public meltdown and so soon after she gave birth to her second baby.

the last thing she needed was to be dragged through the mud because she doesn't have the chiseled six pack she did when she was _SIXTEEN_. the human race just loves a punching bag, and it really seems like people feel totally entitled to be as vicious as possible towards her.

i think the narrow range of acceptable body types exists because it makes almost all women unhappy with the way they look. making someone feel insecure about their attractiveness makes them easier to manipulate.

Sam said...

Some of us prefer women that look, yknow, like women. I won't go farther than that though, because I'll screw up the compliment.

emily2 said...

i would like to state that i, too, appreciate the booty.

that is all.