Saturday, August 18, 2007

new m.i.a. album drops tuesday

so m.i.a. managed to record her album after all, despite being barred from entering the u.s. originally, timbaland was supposed to produce her album, which would have created hit single after hit single and would have catapulted the quirky rapper with a rabid cult following to superstardom, but the department of homeland security put an end to that. indie music purists were heard emitting a collective sigh of relief, and sadly, i don't get to see them cry*. her style is a bit too off-the-beaten-path to please mainstream listeners, but... next time, m.i.a! i'm hoping the next album gets the timbaland treatment, and her wacky raps gets picked up on every mainstream station in the nation.

rolling stone has already raved about this album. i'm going to download it from itunes on tuesday.

* really, i'm not an asshole. you all know, as well as i do, that when indie rock purists cry and bleat "sellout!", it means the artist is at least making a living wage doing what she loves. and possibly, hopefully, she will have a fighting chance in recouping her advance.

(p.s. speaking of timbaland, check out this remix of timbaland's current radio hit "the way i are" by danish band nephew. very new wave. i like.)

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