Sunday, August 19, 2007

new dalek james marshall paintings

the artist formerly known as dalek has a show in los angeles, and the paintings can be viewed here. the space monkey is history, as is the "dalek" moniker. let's see where this new direction takes him. hopefully up up and up!

(i've seen his works in person, and the computer screen does not do justice to the impeccable line work and the almost impossibly vibrant colors.)


The Pedant said...

I was just watching some old Dr. Who episodes, and it made me realize that calling yourself a "dalek" has not always been that cool.

emily2 said...

aren't they evil robots? so i guess calling yourself a "dalek" is geeky but badass in a way.

The Pedant said...

They were radioactive aliens that live in what are clearly modified upside-down trash cans with plungers for arms. In the 50's show, they moved their eye stalks every time they talked, and it was really distracting.