Saturday, August 18, 2007

oh get over it...

pam spaulding on mervgate.

so some people at the hollywood reporter pulled an article that stated that merv griffin was gay. why was that story such a big deal that the editors pulled it? the hollywood reporter is based in california, where legal rights are recognized for gays. it is not illegal to be gay anywhere in the united states. so why were they trippin'? after all, it's "liberal hollywood."

the same liberal hollywood that showed anna nicole smith a drugged up mess after she died. doing drugs is illegal. being gay is perfectly legal. it's not a disease. it's not a sign of weakness. it's just an internal compass.

it's 2007. get with the program, ya chickenshits.


The Pedant said...

I think the article was pulled because a lot of people were fond of Merv Griffin and Mr. Griffin would have been really against anyone outing him while he was alive, so this is just his friends gathering around after he was dead.

Now, whether or not Merv was right to keep his sexuality secret, that's another question.

emily2 said...

but he was already outed in 1991 (lawsuits), 1993 (by michaelangelo signorile), and in 2006 (by rolling stone).

if an entire country can gather around and talk about the president of the united states sticking a cigar into the hoo hoo of a white house intern or talk about the promiscuous and drug abusing nature of a certain deceased former playmate of the year, i think something so mundane as someone's sexual orientation is on limits.