Tuesday, April 24, 2007

no maternal instinct whatsoever.

there is a baby in the office, and everyone is running up to it and cooing. i've always viewed babies and children as curious things to be observed from afar. or to be hidden from view altogether. many people my age are starting to get the "i want to breed" bug.

margaret cho once said in a routine that she has no maternal instinct, and that she was "BOOOOOONE DRY." i think i may lack such an instinct as well.


emily0 said...

Oddly enough, I want kinder. It's a biological thing. I want to inflict my neuroses on another generation.


No but really. I got sperm for ya. Comes frozen like ice cream. Won't hurt a bit. No penes involved (at this stage, anyway).

Well, maybe someone else, I respect the bone-dry initiative. If it weren't for my biological urge, I wouldn't want rugrats.


emily2 said...

i don't think i should breed period. i was a horrible, precocious child who liked to do things like run in the middle of the street and say "STOP!" to oncoming cars.

yes, i know... DEE DEE DEE!!!!