Tuesday, April 24, 2007

dee dee dee!

to describe people who were born with normal intelligence but became stupid as they grew older, comedian carlos mencia coined the term "DEE DEE DEE!"

(go to this page to get the full "DEE DEE DEE!" audio experience.)

after my politics embargo, which allowed me to step back from the mudslinging for a week, it occurred to me that mainstream political discourse is nothing more than a cacophony of "DEE DEE DEE!" nowadays, 99% of the time i read an article or news report relating to politics, i hear mencia's sing-song voice: "DEE DEE DEE!"

i've read the bios of ann coulter and debbie schlussel. they have impressive resumes. they have brain cells that functioned well enough to get them into good law schools. they are both attorneys, and successful ones at that. so there is a presumption that they know how to craft an argument. but no... it's just "DEE DEE DEE!" "DEE DEE DEE!" "DEE DEE DEE!"

for debbie schlussel, the "DEE DEE DEE!" even extends to film reviews. here is an excerpt from her review of spiderman 3:

Spidey is a Girlie-Man. It's a good thing I brought my Spidey-Cry-O-Meter with me to the theater. Because I counted at least FOUR--FOUR!--scenes in which Peter Parker/Spiderman cries. Might have even been five, if you count the scenes in which a tear wells up in his eye, but doesn't stream down on his face.

Must all American superheroes be wimpified and transformed into sensitive girlie-men? I can see the Arab Muslim internships at Marvel Studios are already a smashing success.

say it with me... "DEE DEE DEE!"

i can't even think of a response.

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