Tuesday, April 24, 2007

things to do this weekend, and the next... and the next!

it's never too early to start thinking about this weekend and the next (and so on and so forth), so here it goes!

(1) TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL! but if you're like me, you'll let festival-goers filter out the best, wait until the last weekend and then see the winners. the people who frequent the festival don't tend to scalp tickets at ridiculous prices, so you can just show up and buy some tickets off someone at normal prices at the last moment.

New York Documentary Award Winner on Sat, May 05 @10:30am at Tribeca Cinemas
Theater 1
Documentary Emerging Filmmaker on Sat, May 05 @ 1:30pm at Tribeca Cinemas
Theater 1
World Documentary Award Winner on Sat, May 05 @ 8:00pm at AMC Village VII
Theater 3

A Slim Peace' on Sun, May 06 @10:30am at AMC 34th Street Theater 12
Audience Award Winner' on Sun, May 06 @ 1:00pm at AMC 34th Street Theater 13
World Narrative Award Winner' on Sun, May 06 @ 4:00pm at Regal Cinemas
Theater 4

2) [via boingboing and juxtapoz] lori earley art opening at opera gallery new york this saturday, april 28, 6-9pm.

she does this all by hand. oil paintings. no photoshop. check out the precision. my fiancee first alerted me to this artist when i was scrolling around the upcoming jonathan levine gallery shows. she pointed to the lori earley painting. "pretty!" she said. and i concurred with her opinion. and even if you're not into art... FREE BOOZE!

3) the art of shopping presents denim sample sale. see [the art of shopping for more information.]

4) just walk around. it is no longer bone-chilling cold.

addendum: for those of you up in the boston area...

5) Mon - 05/07/07 - Boston, MA - Avalon - Amy Winehouse

i, sadly, work like a crazy person, so i probably won't make the ny show, which is also on a weekday.

6) i'm trying to make the true colors tour somewhere though. maybe i'll drop by boston saturday, june 16th. cyndi lauper, erasure, debbie harry, etc. hosted by margaret cho. OMG!!! (also, PFLAG, HRC and the matthew shepard foundation are involved, so it's all for da gays and shiat.) anyone interested?

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