Wednesday, April 25, 2007

followup on toxic sludge.

glad to know that hoboken is a "soup bowl" that is "much like new orleans." in fact it "floods every time it rains." (i've noticed my intersection is always under a foot of water every time it rains heavily, but i didn't know it extended to the entire city until recently.) it gets even better. see, hoboken was originally an island, and the tidal waters that used to cover the western half of the town was drained for development

and now i've learned the "funky smell" i've been smelling all week is toxic! (9/11 already ruined my lungs, so i suppose this is negligible.)

at least the landlord is bringing in a professional cleaning crew today.

well at least i don't live in williamsburg.

The real Williamsburg is then exposed as being akin to an open garbage can and "the most toxic place to live" - with not only oil seeping in to people's homes, but also being home to the city's only chemical and nuclear storage facility (and this guy is worried about a venue near his apartment?). According to the experts, the latter (Radiac) could kill us all at any moment. Hip and dangerous! To pull a quote from the show: "Every little girl's dream: Williamsburg!"

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emily3 said...

this is the kind of stuff that really pisses me off. ew.