Friday, June 27, 2008

Horror Movie Lesson: Stupidity Is All It Takes

i watched the original the amityville horror last night. to summarize: a man murders his parents and four siblings. a year later, the price of the house is in the pits because no one wants to buy it. except for the family which is the subject of the movie.

the family discovers a gateway to hell in their basement less than a month after moving in, yet they continue to stay in the house for two more days. then, when the house goes apeshit and blood seeps from the walls, they decide to flee in the middle of the night. the father of the family decides to halt their flight to safety long enough to retrieve the family dog.


emily2 said...

yep. horror movies are instructional guides of what not to do.

emily1 said...

but who needs to be told that they shouldn't remain in their home for two days after they discover that there is a gateway to hell in their basement?

emily2 said...

hmmm... you never know.

Hahn at Home said...

I haven't seen the movie, but was doing research on prisoner use of websites in relation to their personal PR for release. Ron DeFeo, the creep who killed his family has a website:

He is a walking personification of a gateway to hell.