Wednesday, June 25, 2008

advice from a bitter 30-something who used to be stupid

there has been a discussion on a few other blogs about this article about ivy league grads being tempted by high salary jobs. *yawn* as predicted, some people are bothered by its "implications." so what are the implications? the only "implication" i see is that a higher salary will pull you out of debt faster than a lower salary.

see, the 22 year old me would really hate the 32 year old me. the 22 year old me used to call people who went into i-banking "brainwashed" and "herd followers." and now the 32 year old me is embarrassed that she was ever the 22 year old me.

at some point, little ol' me decided to be idealistic and quit her "soulless" job a little too early and went into a risky profession that was artsy and exciting, then went severely into debt intending to come out of law school to do a low-paying but "not-soulless" subfield. there is nothing like the sound of uncle sam's jack boots to make you understand how the world really works. there is nothing like seeing people who took these "soulless" jobs and kept at it for a few years living happily out of debt and sitting on a small pile of money, pursuing what they truly love in their second career as a film maker, restauranteur or non-profit director to make you realize that you were a real douchebag at 22.

if there are any college seniors or recent college grads reading this, please don't let anyone make you feel guilty about going into investment banking or some other high paying job. you're doing the right thing. let me say it again. YOU'RE. DOING. THE. RIGHT. THING.

and honestly, it bugs me when others get all indignant when their contemporaries go into high paying jobs. it's getting to the point that i boil with rage (or at least take time out of my day to rant on this blog, which rarely happens nowadays). (the 22 year old me better not come within 100 feet of me.)

there, i said it. i had to get that off my chest.

life doesn't end at 22. but what you choose to do at age 22 can sure affect the rest of your life.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

You make a very good point.

If I were to ever get my hands on my 22 year old self, I would probably kick her ass from here to Timbuktu and back again...

emily1 said...

additional advice:

when you are admitted to two different education institutions and the following hold true:

1) one of them is groovy, more prestigious and like way cooler than the other institution, but costs 40k and you get no aid other than loans

2) the other is less prestigious, not as groovy, and totally not as cool, but has offered you a full ride

go for the full ride. i repeat myself:

go. for. the. full. ride.

debt BLOWS. it limits your ability to start a family, to buy a house, to choose the jobs you can take and to choose the city you can live in.

emily2 said...

please take emily1's sage advice, or you will end up like me, whose monthly student loan payment is more than her rent.

don't be an idiot. don't pretend to be rich if you are not rich. there is no shame in being practical.

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