Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Link Farm #4

ah hell, why wait a week to do another one?

Appreciation to supporters by Rebecca from School For The Girls

i found this truly amazing new blog (and added it to the WFD blogroll) via ThePoliticalCat. in short, School For The Girls is written by Rebecca Alitsi, a young woman from Kenya. in the posts on the front page, she has already covered the following topics: the current violence over the Kenyan elections, disability issues, friendship and the education of women in Kenya. in this post, she asks for donations to help cover the school fees for two female students. please go and give help if you can. i'm currently trying to find out how to send money to the bank account listed in the blog's sidebar, so that i can do my part to help these young women achieve their dreams.

Distorting Michelle Obama by dnA from Jack and Jill Politics

Jack and Jill Politics is another new addition to the blogroll. this is the blog where i discovered La Chola, one of the blogs featured in yesterday's link farm. i discovered Jack and Jill Politics through Maat's Feather, a blog run by Shanikka, one of my favorite commenters at My Left Wing. this post breaks down yet another example of our stupid and mendacious political discourse. the target of attack by the doughy pantloads of political pomp is Michelle Obama who can't say that she's proud of the US without being attacked as a narcissist. irony died today.

My New Hero… by MarvalusOne from Opinionated Black Woman

i found this blog through Maat's Feather and it is also a new addition to the blogroll. this post links a _great_ video of a young Obama supporter who has his facts down cold when questioned about his reasons for supporting Obama. like MarvalusOne says, this shows why it is important to know your facts. i would add that is especially important to know them before you open your mouth in front of a video camera. the Obama campaign should hire him.

kabando wa kabando by upyernoz from Rubber Hose

Rubber Hose has been on the WFD blogroll for some time now. i meant to link this after it was posted, but like most things in my life, i put it off, then i got busy and then time flew. in this post, upyernoz shares the story of his personal relationship with kabando wa kabando, a kenyan politician who is close to kabaki, the man who narrowly won the presidential election. damn, but the internet sure makes the world seem like a smaller place. i'm also astounded by how worldly and well-traveled upyernoz is.

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ThePoliticalCat said...

Emily1, if you want to send money to Rebecca Alitsi, all the information you need is at the top right of her blog. Just give that information to your bank and they will arrange a telegraphic transfer to the specified account.