Monday, February 18, 2008

Link Farm #3

this is sorely overdue. i vowed last year after blogroll amnesty day that i would do this weekly and promptly broke that vow. it's sort of hard to blog regularly when holding down a full-time job and taking upper level computer science courses. i'm hoping that since i am enrolled in only one course that i can spend more time blogging and reading other people's blogs. here is this week's offering:

Disability Rights: Why it is YOUR problem by Elizabeth McClung from Screw Bronze!

i should have added Screw Bronze! to my blogroll a long time ago. i have rectified this oversight. i found her blog via Fetch me my axe, another fine blog on the WFD blogroll. this post explains why disability rights are important for everyone. all people could potentially become disabled and face humiliating and cruel discrimination, even at the hands of people who are supposedly devoted to fighting for their rights.

What academic freedom means to me by Lesboprof from Lesboprof

this post covers the problems with bland, opaque and generic non-discrimination policies at many academic institutions. Lesboprof doesn't think they truly foster academic freedom because they don't clearly protect her statements in the classroom that draw on her own experiences as a lesbian. she wants to be able to discuss LGBT issues as they pertain to her profession and research without fear of discrimination. this is another blog i found through Fetch me my axe.

40 days of contemplation: day four by La Chola from La Chola

this powerful post from another new addition to the blogroll explores the need for forgiveness and love when people do the most unthinkable things. La Chola has been told that she is naive for thinking that love must be a component of the struggle against violence. she uses the example of Hector Black to illustrate why. Hector's daughter was murdered by an intruder she surprised in her home. at first, consumed by rage and hatred, Hector arrived at compassion and understanding when he learned about the sad and tragic childhood of the man who murdered his daughter.

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