Wednesday, January 23, 2008

unhealthy, possibly illegal, amounts of mercury found in tuna sushi

every day, there's a new health risk associated with some type of food. but that article is frightening. fish is supposed to be healthy. now the public is learning that tuna contains dangerous amounts of mercury. (oh, and farmed salmon is fed fish food contaminated with machine lubricant. yum!)

here's a mercury contamination calculator for fish. after doing a quick calculation, i'm surprised that i'm not already brain damaged.


emily1 said...

this is so depressing. hey, look on the bright side. the oceans are so over-fished that there may not even be mercury-tainted tuna available in a few years.

emily2 said...

i'm a big seafood consumer. this just sucks. well, i can't really afford fresh tuna nowadays due to my personal budget cuts, so no harm done i guess. what's annoying --> personal budget cuts have made wild salmon (which is uncontaminated) too expensive.

i guess i'll just stick with catfish and tilapia. low in mercury and cheap.

emily2 said...

(note: mercury in tuna applies to supermarket tuna as well. mercury can't be cooked away. you don't have to go to sushi restaurants to be poisoned by tuna.)