Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Quench Blog participates in Blogging for Choice Day 2008 by launching a new pro-choice webcomic, "Imogen the Incubator." Please visit Quench Zine's blog entry to read the first installment and join the discussion of reproductive rights 35 years after Roe v. Wade.

"Imogen" is a hard-hitting satire of "pro-life" comics such as "Umbert the Unborn," which presents hard truths about anti-choice rhetoric from the oft-neglected point of view of pregnant women and girls. Today, do not forget to stop by Quench at: for some fresh commentary and original web art on the meaning of reproductive freedom. Please link to us, if you're able - and stay tuned for coming installments!

About Us: Quench is a self-published magazine and blog, created in 2005 by Harvard students, alums, friends and allies who wanted a forum to discuss their experiences and ideas. Quench deals with issues of sexuality, race, gender, class, religion, politics and anything else our contributors are thinking about. We have over 30 bloggers who write under pseudonyms, from a variety of diverse backgrounds and provocative perspectives. Feel free to leave us comments on the blog or contact us at

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