Friday, January 11, 2008

another article about the centro v. the iphone


The Palm Centro is a delight to carry around and it can do anything the iPhone can do and more for nearly half the cost of an Iphone even with the purchase of an 8GB MicroSD card. You will not have the huge screen or touchscreen technology of the Iphone, but you will have some extra money in your pocket and faster/cheaper data access on the Sprint Network.
actually, the centro does have a touch screen and comes with a stylus.

again, why apple chose to pair with at&t is beyond me. they have the slowest network out of all the major carriers. while iphone users aren't even able to access data on a first generation 3G network, sprint has already upgraded to the second version of their 3G network. sprint has the cheapest unlimited data pack on the market (at $15 a month) as well. i just bought a 2 gig microsd card for $15, and that little bugger will allow me to load 500 songs onto my device.

apple should open the iphone to sprint customers, and they should do it soon.


The Pedant said...

According to some articles I read, the partnership with AT&T was because AT&T would let Apple do some stuff on the network that the other telcos weren't willing to do.

FM said...

you know what would have been an awesome partnership? apple and t-mobile, because t-mobile is the carrier with all the wi-fi hotspots.