Friday, January 11, 2008

Michigan Dems Fuck with the Repubs

Hahaha omg I love this. Michigan Dems decide to fuck with the Republicans. Mmm, that looks like it will be fun.


FM said...

isn't this what a contingent of dems have been saying about ron paul for months? shake things up and vote for ron paul in the primaries.

romney actually has a small chance of winning. ron paul does not. hence, a vote for ron paul is safe.

but if ron paul wins michigan, it'll keep him in the race. it's also convenient that ron paul is against the war, and it would be quite excellent to keep him in the republican debates, so the rest of the pack will have to fend off his (1) anti-war rhetoric and (2) his general wackiness.

Unknown said...

LOL Romney is not going to win shite.