Thursday, December 06, 2007

this speaks for itself.

Chanukah was Historically and Remains a Celebration of the Victory Over Hellenistic Jewish Social Liberals and the Homosexual Agenda

someone needs to buy this rabbi a cuckoo clock and a tinfoil hat.


the Inuriated Faggot said...

Um. Wow. Really? I need a drink.

Infuriated Faggot

upyernoz said...

so that's why i stopped celebrating chanukah. i was doing it for gay rights!

most rabbis i know are terrified of jews like me wandering away from the faith. this guy isn't making their attempts to lure me back any easier.

emily2 said...

that guy is a loon.

my former roommate is a lesbian and a rabbinic student. she's open-minded, non-judgmental and totally normal. (reform judaism, of course.) hopefully people like her will balance out the riddikulus-ness of the more insane rabbis.