Friday, December 07, 2007

oh my.

from pam's house blend. neo-nazi keyboard thuggery aimed at openly gay chapel hill councilman.

p.s. i take offense at the ridiculous comment by the neo-nazi who claimed that "not so long ago" people in chapel hill would have "lynched this degenerate" but now the community "embraces him." actually, back in the 60s, jesse helms suggested building a fence around chapel hill and turning it into a zoo. in the early 1990s, our public high school had a gay straight alliance. it really annoys me when people assume that chapel hill is some backwards southern town in the middle of the sticks. chapel hill is a yuppie/college town, 90% of the population are flaming liberals, and 90% of the population has always been flaming liberals. chapel hill is also located a few miles from the research triangle park, which is a commercial research center that brings in tons of moolah and raises the collective i.q. of the entire state. yeah, that was elitist. bite me.

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