Tuesday, December 18, 2007

stupid evil student loan companies.

i love it when you make an extra payment, and the student loan company advances the due date so they can collect more interest. i just spent 20 minutes on the phone telling them to apply my regular payment retroactively and to forgive the interest accrued as a result of them advancing my due date. interest accrues at $20 a day. this ticks me off.


emily1 said...

the credit industry has turned into one big 'gotcha' factory. just like health insurance. ain't the free market just the bestest, greatest thing evah?!!!! 'cuz, we all know people looking to make a buck will deliver a fine service or product for a good price without evil regulations and stuff.

emily2 said...

no shit!

i am so tired of calling these fuckers every fucking month to call them out on this. i've saved a few thousand dollars just by bitching and demanding that they keep my original due date each time i make an extra payment. every damn month i do this.

and if they don't reset my rate in a month and a half to reflect the LIBOR rate falling, i'm going to threaten them with the following words: "better business bureau".