Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's Give MTPC a Holiday Present. And WIN.

It's time to take another shot at the Facebook 24-hour/$1000 Giving Challenge! If the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition can get the most individual donors in a 24-hour period, they get an extra $1000! We were very close last time. This time, we're gonna take the world by storm.

How to help MTPC win:

1. Join and invite your friends here.

2. Send this information along to friends, families, email lists and blogs.

3. Please DONATE between 3 p.m. on THURSDAY, Dec 20 and 3 p.m. on FRIDAY, Dec 21! It is the number of people who donate that matters, so if you and a friend each donate $10, it's better than one person donating $20. If you have already donated, you CAN donate again (please do!) and it will count anew.

Please leave a comment if you (or a friend) can commit to donating during that time period (it will help our calculations) and if you are able to help publicize this in any way.

Let's give MTPC a really special Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday gift. They are a tiny, all-volunteer organization working to protect trans people from violence and discrimination. Tell your friends that you'd like a donation on your behalf - or get together some co-workers and split the donations! If each of you finds else someone who can also donate, we can totally do this! So let's do it.

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