Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Pforzheimer House" sent you a message on Facebook...

[A Facebook message I found both amusing and depressing. So it looks like the parties House Committee has been throwing in the dining hall - and the music - haven't changed in 10 years. Sorry for being coy. Any more information would result in my outing myself.]

Fall 90s Dance
To members of Pforzheimer House

Noah Rosenblum
Today at 1:02am
90s Dance, version 5.0
Carmen San Diego

Sat. Oct 13th
$7 at the door
Pfoho Free before 10:45

As always, free beer and Zima for those of age.
[And where the hell can you buy Zima? I've been looking for a week, and I can't find it anywhere. And people say that a 90s party is "too soon." I beg to differ.]

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