Thursday, September 20, 2007

interactive post! speaking of mega millions, what would you do if you won the lottery?

while i was attempting to install DVR this past weekend, i saw a few minutes of a special on lottery winners who have had extremely bad luck after winning. still, i wouldn't mind winning anyway. so, readers, what would you do if you won the lottery? be honest. hell, i'm not going to lie. here's ten things i would do:

(1) pay off my student loans

(2) bail my close friends out of their variable rate private grad school loans (shame on you, sallie mae!)

(3) bail my sister out of her scary med school loans (ditto!)

(4) pay back every penny my parents ever spent on me... and then some for having to deal with my craptastic moments

(5) buy a few modest condos (rather than a large house) around the country, so i could live in different places, depending on the season

(6) buy a cruiser-style boat with a sleeping cabin, because the drive to sayville going through the clusterfuck known as the lincoln tunnel, manhattan, and then the long island expressway REALLY FUCKING SUCKS and i've always envied the people who could avoid traffic and the ferry and go straight to the cherry grove marina by boat. bastids.

(7) help this dude in his philanthropic mission, because that shit is awesomely sneaky and sneakily awesome. plus, geeky tech moguls rule, especially those who fight for gay rights.

(8) get a dog, because i will finally have time to take care of one.

(9) start a scholarship for asian kids at harvard who want to get into arts/media/music, etc. but whose continued tuition payments are conditional on remaining pre-med (i'm not kidding - this has been a pet cause of mine, no matter how frivolous it sounds - there is a stigma against going into the arts, and furthermore, many asian kids aren't trust fund babies and can't risk going into the arts. so i'll swoop in and say "hey kid. here's some money. now do what you want! go paint!")

10) set up a trust, live off the interest, and day trade on the rest

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