Thursday, September 20, 2007

jena six.

pam from pam's house bland posts about the paucity of posts about the jena 6 in the progressive blogosphere. check the link to the daily kos diary, which is further proof that kossacks can be as annoying as freepers.

anyway, here's my theory on why (some) people haven't posted about it. those in the "out group" may be afraid to get it wrong. i think some folks are afraid to post about racism, because it's such a touchy subject, and sometimes members of the "out group" might be afraid that they'll get it wrong, or they'll be viewed as patronizing or just plain ignorant. so they punt. i wrote an article about racism during high school and was summarily told to shut the fuck up, because i was asian and wouldn't understand the history of racism in the south between blacks and whites, so i've learned to stay away from that subject. and admittedly, i don't fully understand. (for example, i acknowledged not seeing the racial overtones in the anti-harold ford ads.)

however, here's my take on the jena six situation. take from it what you will.

(1) the charge of attempted murder against the black guys was ludicrous. over a teenage brawl? yes, a crime was committed, probably assault and battery, but attempted murder? that's bullshit. also, a tennis shoe is not a deadly weapon. however, they should not be cleared of all crimes, because some guy did get beaten up and sent to the hospital.

(2) the white guys who kicked the crap out of / pulled the gun out and pointed it at the black guys should also be charged with crimes and not be slapped on the wrist.

(3) the folks who hung the nooses on the tree should be suspended for a year, be required to watch all episodes of "eyes on the prize" and do community service for members of the black community. there is no question that nooses can be interpreted as a death threat. however, i still hold on to the hope that the "pranksters" can learn and understand why their actions were abhorrent. educate them, and if they don't learn and if they do something like that again, there should be absolutely no leniency.

(4) all of the teenagers - white AND black - who fought over this should also do community service for all members of the jena community - white AND black, and they should be broken up into pairs - one black guy and one white guy per pair. get along or be thrown in jail. period.

that is all.

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