Tuesday, September 18, 2007

prankster from new haven posts craigslist ad. hilarity ensues.

at least i hope it's a joker from yale, because i still have hope in humanity. if not, what a pompous enema bag.

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emily1 said...

i think we should spit beer on his crotch.

The Pedant said...

He really should pay for an escort. Then he can dictate terms.

FM said...

if this post is real, is he socially inept or something? when i wanted a date to college formals i just went up and asked someone "hey you want to go to the formal?" or if i were especially lazy, i had my friends set me up with someone. why is this guy having problems finding a formal date? everyone can find a date to a harvard formal, because the process is so... informal. and no one took it seriously.

which is why, more and more, i'm thinking this post is bullshit.