Friday, September 28, 2007

another post in the " Inexplicable And Massive Irritation Caused By Other People's Language" category

in the spirit of emily1's initial rant...

i have to link back to andrew sullivan's post about the columbia queer alliance. my irritation over the final paragraph of the letter masked my irritation over his use of the term "pomo."

so "postmodern" now has a "hip" abbreviation?

well in that case, the empire state building and the chrysler building are so "artdec."

nah, that one won't fly.

and neither should "pomo" - although it does rhyme with "homo"

i guess andrew sullivan is an anti-pomo homo?


The Pedant said...

"pomo" isn't that new; I've been hearing it for years.

Does "MoMA" also bug you?

emily2 said...

nah. it's got a cool logo.

emily2 said...

WOW! on an unrelated note... Google spell checks and case checks trademarked terms.

it just spell checked "Chrysler" for me (made me take out the "t" i accidentally inserted) and it make me capitalize the "g" in "Google."