Tuesday, July 24, 2007

dead horses.

getting back to this post under "update: a 'tee hee' moment" i briefly touched upon this exchange, where david ehrenstein decides to insult me for no apparent reason (even though i never addressed him prior to his getting up in my grill - furthermore, i didn't even know who he was at the time). really, go through and read his comments. they're entertaining, albeit a bit sad.

anyway, what reminded me of this exchange was that i realized that we already had his blog "fablog" on our blogroll. what a small world. anyway, go read his blog.



emily1 said...

yeah. i added it a while back. i was going to say something when you posted your 'tee hee' update, but i thought better of it. he's not someone you want to get into a blogfight with.

emily2 said...

is he known for getting into blogfights? i googled him and discovered he was one of the people who went after andrew sullivan way back when sullivan was um... being hypocritical. maybe it's only harmful to get to a blogfight with ehrenstein if you hold yourself out to be a conservative and troll for bareback sex? (*snicker*)

although andrew sullivan makes more sense than "the old guard" (can i call them that?) nowadays.

anyway, my interest was piqued when i discovered he was (1) twice my age (!!!) and (2) relatively well-known. i was like "dude! eXtreme!"

emily1 said...

i don't know that he picks blogfights, but he's got a sharp tongue and lots of friends. i've already seen what an A lister's regular readers do when someone from a smaller blog gets into a fight with the A lister.

emily2 said...

why does this sound like junior high? to be afraid to stand up to the big man on campus, because you're a lowly band geek.


sorry, but, i'm not going to be bullied. i'm not going to pick a fight for no reason, but this "i'm afraid of the football player's minions" train of thought is not unlike a bad john hughes parody.

emily1 said...

it's not that i'm afraid of anyone. it's that i don't want one of those perennial junior high school shitfests here on _this_ blog. i don't think it's worth the shit-stirring to 'stand up' to him over his asshole comment. attack his reasoning for dumping on gays who want to marry and have children and ignore the bullshit.

i'm a veteran of many, many flame wars and i believe in picking the right battles. i don't think the asshole comment is the right battle to pick. the battle to pick is over his contempt and general assholishness to gays who want a secure family life with all the protections and privileges accorded to heterosexuals.

emily2 said...

attack his reasoning for dumping on gays who want to marry and have children and ignore the bullshit.

i think that was what most people on that thread were doing, but he never responded to any of their arguments. he jumped straight to ad hominem attacks and angry non-sequiturs.

i suppose the best thing to do is to respond as one would to a street preacher on the subway platform. step. away. from. the. keyboard/platform.

emily1 said...

well, you could engage in a flame war for the hell of it and post it here, like i do. ;-).