Monday, June 18, 2007

true colors tour @ the borgata, atlantic city

i wanted to post a review of the show. unfortunately, i was babysitting drunk people all night, and i had to sweet-talk the security guards several times, who were contemplating throwing my friends out of the venue. (i don't want to get into it, but omigod hello MELTDOWN!) i also missed perez hilton's after party.

c'est la vie. maybe next year i'll force everyone to eat cheeseburgers before the show instead of allowing everyone to chug casino wine and "HEY Y'ALLZ... LEZZZ DO SHOTSSSZZZ!!!" on empty stomachs. (what were you people thinking?! i mean, all of you have been to college - and grad school - so you definitely have experience with liquor!)

well, okay, not that i could have done anything, since i'm half the size of everyone else and no one listens to me anyway.

oh, but the dresden dolls were excellent. debbie harry, not so much. margaret cho, funny as usual. erasure, good times. and cyndi lauper still rocks.

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