Monday, June 25, 2007

oh, grow up!

the arrival of pride inevitably brings about a bitch-fest. uptight gay conservatives rail at the flamboyance of the pride parade and gleefully praise the absence of new yorkers at the parade, and some people make the absence of new yorkers at the event into a class/race thing.

i think the answer is simple: it's just too fucking crowded. it's a madhouse, and it's just hard to have a good time, when it takes almost two hours to make it from union square to hudson street (normally a twenty minute walk). when you just want to pee, you have to ask a policeman to cross the street. and then he makes you wait ten minutes before you can cross, while you pray that you don't pee in your pants. furthermore, the only efficient way you can get a drink is to buy a bottle of beer and brown bag it. but then you have to pee again!

pride is an endless and unfruitful quest to find cold beer, a place to stand without having some drunk asshole dumping the contents of her drink on you, and a functional restroom.

i sucked it up and embarked on the tiresome trek yesterday to the village (stopping at my law school to find a restroom and air conditioning), only to have someone swipe half of the contents from my purse and to get my brand new top stained with someone's drink.

i mean, please! it's not politics, it's logistics!

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Hahn at Home said...

Finding the restroom is the biggie for me! I gave up going to SF Pride about 4 years ago and now do the little Prides in Santa Cruz, Davis, Sacramento, and anyplace else I happen to be...much more relaxing and you still see all the same women you'd see in SF, only in smaller groups.