Sunday, June 24, 2007

i'm so not having this.

hello, it's pride. i tried to get a cab to take me to the PATH train, so i could drop a bunch of stuff off in new jersey before i came back to brave the ridiculousness, but i spent $20 just to get stuck in the parade. stupid cabbie. then, of course, i had to pee, so i walked ten blocks to my law school, presented the security guard with my alumni id, and am currently sitting in a nice air conditioned library, which is shaking and rattling to the beat of generic disco music.

my girlfriend wants me to join her in the west village, and i just don't think i can make it. the thought of going back outside just to be knocked around by sweaty, drunk people makes me want to find an empty room at my alma mater and sleep.

i remember when i thought pride was fun. man, i'm getting old. i think i'm going to go to reservoir, the local watering hole, take a shot of patron and try to cross the police lines to the west side.

i've come to the conclusion that I AM SO OVER PRIDE! not for any stupid political reason, but just because i get beer dumped on me in the middle of the sidewalk, and i can't find a functional restroom. oh my god, the library really IS rattling.


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