Wednesday, June 13, 2007

if womanhood is an exclusive club, i don't want her in.

just in case anybody missed emily2's post concering the jaw-dropping- pseudo-journalistic transbash, here is the sweet-smelling end to it all:

"Note: Comments will be seriously moderated and are restricted to women only (even though I know there are good male allies who comment here. I know they will understand and be supportive). If you are not a member of the lesbian community, in particular, please take care to post respectfully, as respectfully as you would, as a feminist and progressive, in any discussion involving a marginalized community of which you were not a member.


(i know i cited that wrong, but please bear with me)

1. i am a woman.

2. who i love and who i fuck is nobody's concern.

3. (this was too mean. i erased it.)

4. despite my intentions of being completely respectful of this hussy (shit there i go again), i must say that her ending paragraph may serve as a sad example of some of the things in life that truly enrage me. this, my dear friends, is why i have an anger problem. part of me is simply frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of that kind of well-meaning censorship.

5. may i point out as a fellow female musician (i'm young, but chalk up twenty years please), that though i like bitch's music and support her right to do as she pleases and say as she says, her actions (like everybody else's) speak volumes, and she should suffer the consequences of those actions. when she plays at a venue that specifically discriminates against any type of person, she is sending a message-- intentional or not. i think boston sent an important message in return by cancelling her show.


6. aren't we supposed to be looking for equality? how do exclusionary tactics bring us to this end?

and, most importantly:

those who would turn away people seeking help of this magnitude based upon psudo-rational subjective criteria are, well, truly despicable. i am disgusted.


emily2 said...

hey here's another comment from the author:

"Transgender activists are not even necessarily, heck, maybe not even usually, transgender! A lot of the time, as Amber says, they are crusader types who are anti-feminist, anti-radfem, anti-lesbian-separatist, anti-women space, and this particular battle appeals to them for reasons which have more to do with misogyny than with supporting transgender persons (even if they are women, which is sad). This is especially true online where all sorts of clueless types who have ZERO transgender persons in their lives and never have had jump on the bandwagon mostly because they don’t like radical feminists and may not even *be* feminists."

1) wow. she really *is* a lesbian separatist. like, totally un-ironically. i thought they only existed in theory.

2) according to her, if you support transpeople, you are a misogynist.

3) basically, you are a feminist if you agree with her. if you don't, you hate women.

i had a post earlier where i said i felt like dian fossey discovering a new society of gorillas. i think i'll use it again.

(sorry, sorry, i am not as respectful as you are emily3. i tried. i can't. i am weak.)

emily2 said...

anyway, i think that my comments would be unwelcome at that site, even though i am a biological female lesbian, reading womensspace's posts makes me want to reach for a very large bottle of antihistamine, so i'll just post my final thoughts here:

replace "lesbian" with "white america" and "transpeople" with "immigrants" and you get a pat buchanan article. the ideology espoused by that womensspace blog post is an embarrassment not just to lesbians but to humanity.

take all your [blank]-only spaces and shove it all the way up into your colon.

for example, i love it when my straight friends pester me to organize a fire island trip. it's awesome that they feel comfortable at a gay resort, and if anyone makes them feel unwelcome, i will say this to any such miserable person: here's an inner tube - go paddle your way back to sayville!

so, actually, i guess i do have a proposed [blank]-only space: non-assholes only.