Thursday, June 14, 2007

double whammy.

thanks, buzzfeed!

as of right now, we're #3 on the buzzfeed for angry sopranos fans and #3 on the buzzfeed for democrats for ron paul, although i am neither a sopranos fan (i was roped into watching the finale by my tv-monopolizing fiancee) nor a democrat for ron paul (i am an independent who, at this point, is seriously considering writing in a random person in the phonebook).

(also, a belated thanks for placing us on the "asian supremacist" and "hipster on hipster hatred" feeds. like before, none of the above. for the former: all supremacists suck, and for the latter: i live in hoboken and i have a job. 'nuff said. heh.)

update: we broke 300 uniques for the first time, which means we've graduated from "plankton" to "nematode" in the ecosystem of the blogosphere, at least for today. thanks again to loony libertarians, hyperventilating hbo subscribers who punched in their t.v. set last sunday, and - of course - all you folks searching for pilonidal cysts, sarah shahi (here ya go... scroll all the way to the bottom), faux hawks, various random and bizarre sex acts, jdjive (it's here, stupids), and natalie portman's ass (well, at least you have good taste).

and a final shout out to you twenty or so regular readers of course!

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