Monday, May 21, 2007

what is going on?

a cursory glance at the political blogosphere has yielded a curious development - conservatives, liberals, disgusted republicans and even more disgusted democrats are all drooling over someone named "ron paul" for president.

i saw a big fat headline on drudgereport announcing that the dems have introduced a war spending bill that has no timeline. excuse me? do they realize that they are in the majority? even if they keep introducing bills with timelines, and bush keeps vetoing, it just means no budget will be approved. why are they being such wusses?

anyway, this ron paul guy should just pull a ross perot and run as an independent. ron paul sounds like a loony libertarian crackpot with an unfortunate cheering section of white supremacists who love him for things he probably didn't say in 1992 and is overly paranoid about all forms of immigration, but he appears to be the only one brave enough to say "this war is a fly-infested piece of turd" and the only one brave enough to ACTUALLY AND PHYSICALLY reach over to press the "flush" button.

he won't get the republican nomination, because he the only one not in denial about the war. (you can only get the republican nomination if you are in complete denial about iraq.)

he should run as an independent and make things interesting.


kusala said...

Yeah, it's weird. I had never heard of him and then this weekend on NPR they were making some big to-do about him being the Howard Dean of the 2008 elections (in terms of web interest).

I'm thinking he's a bit of a wingnut, but am too lazy to really do any research right now. Hmm.

emily2 said...

yeah i definitely smell a whiff of wingnuttery, but i think it's ayn randian wingnuttery rather than neocon wingnuttery.

upyernoz said...

well, he has run for president as an independent before (at least if you count non-R or D as independent). he was the libertarian party presidential nominee in 1988 (that's when i first heard of him--i had this libertarian friend in high school who worked for his campaign). he might have been their candidate again in 1992, i'm not sure. later he switched to republican and got his congressional district, but he's still basically a libertarian.