Saturday, May 12, 2007

stuff is suffocating.

i came up north to my parents' house to put the family dog down, but she ended up going into surgery instead. i can't even visit her. she's probably going to have to be put down anyway. it's sad, and hard. the house is so quiet without her. also, everything i have ever owned previous to moving down south a year and a half ago is stored in my old bedroom here. i came down with a suitcase and my violin and my messenger bag to see what i could do with nothing, and it turns out i did quite well. now i have to backtrack, and i'm trying not to let it get to me. my friend ended up coming over and helping me put like items in a pile against the wall. here is an incomplete list:

*three or four jars suitable for beta fish, including previously used gravel.
*filled up disposable cameras
*cds and tapes and records. lots of them.
*millions and millions of books
*bolts of fabric
*papers, notes, notebooks, letters, lists
*lots of old clothing
*bags full of yarn
*boxes and boxes of fabric
*errant condoms
*many shoes
*shiny objects and souvenirs
*old essays, including a hysterical one my high school boyfriend wrote about me. truly awful.
*goblets. velvet dresses. old makeup.
*random pictures
*a large, cracked, ceramic christmas tree
*several desks

um. me? ocd much?

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emily1 said...

we have a big basement. never fear.