Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pat buchanan: dee dee dee!

pat buchanan stirs up fear in this article, which is less about illegal immigration and more about scaring white folks about all immigration by non-melanin deficient people.

c'mon pat. who's going to wash your dishes, build your house, fix your car, invent gadgets, and perform open heart surgery on you? if you keep minorities out, the service industry would collapse, and medical and engineering schools will go bankrupt.

har har.

i recall reading an article in law school about the influx of immigrants from europe that was written in the late 19th century or early 20th century. they were called unassimilable, and their arrival spelled the end of american culture. i think buchanan plagiarized that article and inserted "mexicans" and "asians" in the place of "eastern europeans" "jews" and (omg pat!) "irish." that's not very clever at all! a third grade teacher would fail buchanan for such blatant plagiarism.

same old, same old...

update: this article, however, takes the cake. oh no, invading koreans!!! okay, everyone, say it with me... DEE DEE DEE!

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