Tuesday, May 29, 2007

oh no! scary scary lesbians and breeders!

aussie hotel wins right to ban heterosexuals and lesbians.

"The hotel predominantly markets itself towards homosexual males, towards gay men and we want to protect the integrity of the venue as well as continue to make the men feel comfortable," McFeely said.

"When large numbers of heterosexuals or even lesbians are in the hotel that changes the atmosphere and many gay men can feel uncomfortable."

The landmark decision by a civil tribunal gives the establishment -- which does not offer accommodation -- the right to refuse entry to people considered a threat to the safety and comfort of its patrons.
basically, this hotel will cater to the insecure. the only person that should be afraid of being attacked by lesbians and being hacked to death is jenny from the L word.
McFeely said it would be easy to sort out desirable gays from undesirable straights and lesbians.

"It is particularly easy to implement with the females 'cause that is pretty obvious.

"With the heterosexual males, if they identify themselves as that at the door, or indeed we question their behaviour in the venue and if they come across as being heterosexual, then we will simply ask them to leave if the behaviour is unappropriate."
i have no words (except that the dude's name is "mr. mcfeely.") but otherwise, wow.

i don't know a damn thing about australian law, but if this hotel were in the united states in a state where the public accomodation law included sexual orientation, i'd fully support a lawsuit based on gender discrimination and sexual orientation discrimination in a place of public accomodation. (and if the state only included gender discrimination, a big fat lawsuit under that theory would be in order.) discrimination by any group is wrong. sorry, but you can't demand not to be discriminated against but then expect that you can exclude others when you see fit. i would venture to say that any het or lesbian who goes to an establishment that caters to gay males is probably friendly to gay males. why exclude them?

plus, any gay bar where margaret cho would be denied entrance is a festering a pile of shit. i think the proprietor (and any patrons) of this establishment should be banned from entry to all shows on the "true colors tour." BIG UPS to allies of gays is all i'm sayin'... don't bite the hand that extends you friendship and support.


The Pedant said...

Do lesbians, as a group, like tempeh?

I can't stand the stuff, but I'm about as far from lesbian as Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

emily2 said...

i relied on the crunchy health food lesbian stereotype, which, to be honest, is a bit inaccurate, but i suppose some people may still "get" it. my fiancee loves soy products for some odd reason. she jokes that we can hold hands in our local hippie food store, etc. etc.

i, however, love bacon and bloody steaks.

The Pedant said...

I like soy products too, so I can say liking soy products is not lesbian.

I'm not sure what tempeh is, but it's not soy and it's gross.

emily2 said...

fack, i dunno.


i'm gonna change the post to read "jenny from the L word."