Tuesday, May 29, 2007

fat new jersey.

new jersey is the fattest state. 60% of new jerseyans are overweight.

not a surprise. walk in any direction and you run smack into a diner serving ridiculously large plates of fries and burgers larger than your head. oh, and you can't order a meal without the meal coming with side dishes and dessert (for free). sure, it's economical, but the portions are obscene. every time i eat at a diner i feel like someone shoved a bowling ball into my stomach.


Hahn at Home said...

That could be in any city in the Midwest too..baked potatoes the size of soccer balls with sour cream, home fries, Texas Toast, but everything needs to be deeply, deeply fat fried if you're going to get that authentic roll around your middle.

emily2 said...

if they just cut portions in half and sold at the same price, they'd be saving money and saving people's waistlines. i'm just sayin'...

kusala said...

I'm not sayin' there aren't fat people in NJ, but the motherland doesn't need anymore bad press: claiming NJ is the fattest state is just... incorrect. For years, Alabama & Mississippi have led the pack:

Whew. Crisis averted? Almost?

emily2 said...


i misread the article.

it has the largest percentage of overweight tots in the nation, not adults.