Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Alive!

i'm surviving the last horrific weeks before the full release of a new medical product. R&D work really blows sometimes. since the limited release last year, i've endured the QA cycle of four software releases. i'm working my ass off for the fifth release right now. i'm demanding a part time schedule for this fall and next spring. i want to be done with the computer science degree. i want to be in the office less. i want more control over my time.

this 9 (or 7 or 6 or sometimes even 5) to 5 (or 8 or 10 and sometimes midnight) grind sucks. it just sucks. big time. i am running low on clean clothes and groceries again. i have no coffee. it has been 2 days since i bathed. i haven't even worked much more than 40 hours this week. i'm just shell-shocked from the 70 hour weeks before that and in dread of the ones coming up. at least, there's the possibility of a 3 week vacation in the mid-june.

so, link farms are coming up this weekend.


emily3 said...

we're glad you're alive :)

emily2 said...

suggestion: (1) peapod and (2) laundry service that delivers

of course, "boyfriend" could work too. heh heh.