Thursday, May 24, 2007

baby cheney part 2, a small observation

first, congrats to mary and heather. it stinks that a lot of people are being vile and disgusting assholes, but what can ya do... and no, that is not a link to freerepublic. (as stated before, freepers are being *kinder* - and that's just embarrassing - so clean it up, you guys...)

now, the observation. first, click on this photo to make it larger. a kid makes that face for one reason: he's taking a poopie. i have babysat my fiancee's niece, and when she makes that face (the niece, not the fiancee), it means a stinky little present is waiting in the diaper. that is all!


The Pedant said...

Dude, Cheney almost looks human. Although, honestly, he'll be a kickass grandpa.

"I once shot a man in the face for standing in front of my gun!"

emily2 said...

An aside: Someone in my office came to the same conclusion as I did - the official press photo memorializes little Sam Cheney soiling his diapers. The entire world gets to see him poop. What a way to enter the world.