Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i may have inherited a string program.

apparently, i just inherited a fledgling string program. all beginners. six kids currently and growing. i'm to go in tonight to see group lessons and meet kids and staff. i might get paid, and i might not. either way, i am very excited. i don't make music to make money, at least not really, so this should be a fun project. it makes me very angry that musical education is so badly cut from poor school districts. what the fuck. i grew up in the classical world, told by so many people over and over and over that practice makes perfect and classical music is for the disciplined elite, not the hoi palloi. ha! fuck that shit. there's no room for perfection in art. technical prowess in my world simply means more freedom on my instrument. so there.

it's sunny today, and i can't stop humming even though my stupid allergies make my voice scratchy.


emily1 said...

i can't stop singing even though i can't carry a tune to save my life.

emily3 said...

i think the whole idea of 'carrying a tune' is a stupid idea in the first place. more singing is the only thing that cures that, and it doesn't matter at what age you do it. yay!