Thursday, March 29, 2007


since i'm still at work and it's almost ten o'clock, i feel like bitching. today, i am running a test case that i've been trying to run for about two months now. i couldn't run the test case for two months because the six instruments capable of running in real-use mode (as opposed to Software Testing mode) were always in use for some other, more important testing. now that i finally get my turn at those instruments, the test case is going to take at least 30% longer than i originally estimated.

why, you ask? ok. ok. you're not actually asking, but i'm going to tell you anyway. i only have two copies of the software installation media. i have to do four installations of the software on five instruments over the course of this test case. another annoying problem is the fact that i only have four working keyboards in the lab where i'm running the test case, so i have to switch one between two instruments every time i need to take a screenshot.

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emily2 said...

join the "i work until midnight" club.


pluses: free food and no opportunity to spend money.

minuses: i work until fucking midnight.