Friday, March 30, 2007

dalek opening in nyc this weekend.

dalek (and MARS-1 - and a hodgepodge of other artists) opening at the jonathan levine gallery this saturday at 7pm.

it's funny. they were spamming me for months before i looked at the content of their e-mails. a friend must have put me on their list, because the artists that regularly show at the gallery are the same ones who appear in the sites i read, and many of them design the wacky vinyl toys i've been posting as of late. either that or they read my mind.

in any event, dalek started out as a graffiti artist, and now he paints and designs toys too. he paints space monkeys. sometimes over found pieces of cardboard, album covers, and other found media. his stuff is cool. that is all.

plus, i heard they always have free booze at art openings.

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