Tuesday, February 27, 2007

peanut gallery!

independent gay forum provides often-reviled points of view, but it does exist as an intellectual check to the likes of HRC and other prominent gay groups, who sometimes lose their focus and must be recalibrated with a little nudge: "(1) hey, gays are not a monolithic group who blindly march to the beat of democratic party dogma, and (2) don't spread yourselves too thin - stick with gay issues only." all right. point taken. i pretty much agree. but sometimes, the commenters are just... RIDDIKULUS! snooterific howling. and much more interesting than sunday night's oscars (sorry ellen). after the first comment, the conversation just goes downhill. don't bother reading the main post, because no one seems to be paying attention to the content of the original article. the entertainment lies in the comments. at then end, i get so frustrated with "james" that i post as "GG." that guy needs to discover the joys of a fine sativa; he needs to chill.

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