Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hey, kenneth eng... vice magazine may hire you.

an asian supremacist is fired from asianweek, a legitimate magazine. if there is one thing i hate more than a white supremacist, it's an asian supremacist.

join a white supremacist masquerading as a 21st century hipster, and you'll feel right at home! just remember, after your poorly-written racist tripe, say "i'm kidding - i'm making fun of racism - get it?" or wink a couple of times. also, if you do a couple of interviews saying that you're being "postmodern" because you're writing for a post-racism audience, the kiddies will love you, even though you're just being a racist douchebag! maybe you can even bag sarah silverman, because she's also a "postmodern" "post-racist" media figure. oh, and she "loves chinks." (*clears throat* har har, aren't i funnay!?)

(some of these people wouldn't know it if post-modernism walked up to them and said, "hello, my name is post-modernism. see the name tag that says 'hello, my name is post-modernism' that's plastered on my post-modern blazer?" well, neither would i, but i definitely know what post-modernism isn't. being sucky does not equal being postmodern.)

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