Sunday, July 17, 2005

hurricane emily

no, not this one. me.

i've figured out how to collect on health insurance. just keep sending in the requests, calling, and generally bugging your insurance company until they relent. (note: this is how you get rid of credit dings as well.) i had a pap smear done in january that student insurance wouldn't pay for. it ended up being over $300. here's the deal: they said they'd pay for bad shit that happens, but not preventative care. what a crock. so they won't pay for part of a (relatively) inexpensive routine procedure, but they will chip in for major surgery (costing $$$$$$$) if cervical cancer isn't detected early enough? if that policy is true (it isn't -- they just didn't want to pay), the incentive structure would be simply illogical.

anyway, i kept sending in the bills, calling them, writing them letters, and finally, they paid for 75% of my lab work. the visit was in january. it is now the end of july. time for another pap smear in a few months, where this whole charade will happen. again.

grrr. the neverending saga of incompetent bureaucrats... if i pass the bar i'll just make business cards for myself and put "insurance fraud" under my name (my name will be followed by "esq." of course, heh). i'll make another batch of cards that say "products liability" for my neverending drama with laptop failure. and if i ever have issues again with creditors who don't bother to notify me when i owe them something, i'll make a batch that say "consumer credit." and i'll send them in with my letters.

the $120,000 (and counting!) hellhole i'm still going through should at least reap *some* benefits, like scaring bureaucrats with a real fear of litigation.

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