Sunday, July 17, 2005

Flirting Makes People Glow

Cambridge, MA
July 16, 2005

i travelled to UMass yesterday afternoon for the sole purpose of flirting with The Albanian. The Albanian's co-worker was trying to study, but i was blissfully unaware of this for two and a half hours of mutual teasing and playful banter. i was helpless to wipe the smile off my face. flush with the excitement of mutual attraction, my mind was occupied with thoughts of shyly touching his arm, or perhaps leaning in towards him.

The Albanian's unix lab co-worker began sighing in that passive aggressive way that people have of letting you know that you're really irritating them. then i realized that i am that irritating person who is too unconsciously, loudly, publicly happy. the other thing is that i realized how little i cared. eventually, i packed up my things and left so that she could study in peace, but only after an extended and concerted bout of significant, exasperated sighs.

he walked me back to the bus stop, and i could have sworn he wanted to kiss me. maybe, next time, i should tell him to do just that. that stupid smile remained plastered on my face all the way home. i compulsively curled my toes because my hands and feet were tingling the entire subway ride. i didn't even find the overly chatty woman sitting next to me irritating.

UMass Shuttle Bus
Dorchester, MA
July 16, 2005

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