Thursday, March 15, 2007

politics embargo is over.

just in time for a hillary gaffe. clinton ducks question on whether she believes homosexuality is immoral. her answer:

i'm going to leave that to others to conclude.
now, i've said before that democrats have been taking our votes for granted. after all, it's easy when the other side is calling for things like the federal marriage amendment and kissing the butt of the religious right. when the options are (1) a big stinking pile of shit on the ground or (2) nothing, "nothing" is the better choice.

but now it's 2007, and she's still living in 2004. a lot of things have happened since 2004. myspace and facebook have replaced friendster as the hot social networking site. youtube appeared, google bought youtube, and now google is being sued for one beeeeeelleeon dollars by viacom. but more on point, george w. bush is persona non grata. santorum got a thumping and was voted out of office. and saying the word "f*ggot" will get you sent to rehab or cause michelle malkin to disassociate herself from you.

and, listen carefully, even the REPUBLICAN senator from VIRGINIA, in response to general pace's statement that homosexuality is "immoral", issued a statement that he "strongly disagreed" with pace's remark. he said this before clinton ducked the question.

what does clinton have to lose?

weak. deplorable. sad. pathetic.

i'm getting more and more disappointed in hillary each day.

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