Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i wuz sheltereded.

just had coffee with a high school friend who informed me that half of my friends in high school were queer and just didn't tell me. and that she had pursued a hot lesbian teacher while still a student and dated her. and then attempted to break up with her, which caused hottie teacher to write her notes telling her to go to the principal's office for "special assignments." then teacher would show up and attempt to discuss the relationship and hook up with her. she also made out with a friend of mine who was hot. and now another friend is in ny city, out and proud, and i had no idea in high school or now.

another friend of mine, about three years ago, told me that she had dated another girl while in high school and didn't tell me because she didn't think i could handle it. bull fucking shit. maybe i would have said... "hmm... what a good idea." of course, i probably would have run back in the closet during college, but that's another post that will never be written.

both of these people had been my best friend for long a period of time in my life.

i know this is like, twelve years after the fact, but come on... did i really seem that delicate to you people?! i was the features (arts and culture) editor for the school paper for crying out loud! (yeah, that basically means "not a square" in my high school. i guess you had to go there. bleh.)

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emily0 said...

Plus, you know, you're a huge dyke.